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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Symptoms and Information for Centennial, CO, Locals

We’ve all dealt with the effects of exhaustion, but this condition takes it to an entirely different level. Roots Medical is here to offer whatever support we can to anyone struggling with chronic fatigue syndrome in Centennial, CO. While there is no cure or approved treatment for CFS as a whole, treating the symptoms can offer some relief. The primary sign is feeling tired for more than six months; it only worsens with activity and doesn’t go away even with rest. Currently, the cause is unknown, but CFS has been noted to be more common in women than in men.

A possible CFS remedy could be a supportive therapy, antidepressant, or various techniques for relaxing and managing stress. This is because some other symptoms of the condition include being unable to exercise or concentrate, pain in muscles or joints, forgetfulness, anxiety, depression, and a few others. These can happen over time and last a lifetime or come and go without warning. Ask the Root Medical team about options for preventive medicine, alternative treatments, and more. We’re here to help by offering you the relief you need in any way we can.

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