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Tracy Wolfe, FNP is a Family Nurse Practitioner with a background in internal medicine taking an integrative approach in her practice.  Tracy has done extensive research on Hormone and Thyroid management, including conducting multiple clinical trials for diabetic patients.  One main focus of Tracy's is to prevent diabetes before the diagnosis with advanced clinical testing.  Before one is diagnosed with diabetes they enter into a state of insulin resistance which has many stages.  This deregulation in insulin can result in a variety of other health problems such as weight gain, fatigue, insomnia, hormone imbalance, depression and anxiety.

Tracy has studied and implemented in her practice the methods of Dr. Daniel Kalish.  The KALISH METHOD integrates the latest in modern scientific testing with age-old natural health solutions for weight loss, fatigue, depression and digestive problems.  For hormones, Tracy has been educated by Dr. Neal Rouzier, the author of "How to Achieve Healthy Aging."  Dr. Rouzier is an expert in Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy and his teachings and literature have become the foundation for the treatment plans implemented at Roots Medical.

The Nutrition aspect of Tracy's approach plays an integral part of the success at Roots Medical. We promote an organic, non-GMO diet and our goal is to eliminate the food from your diet that is making you sick. As a part of your customized health program you will have the opportunity for a one-on-one consultation with our nutritionist who will implement the needed changes in your diet that will deliver results you can see and feel quickly.

Tracy Wolfe – FNP
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Derek is a Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner out of the Nutrition Therapy Institute located here in Denver. He uses an individualized approach with nutrition consultations as opposed to a universal ‘one-size-fits all’ general recommendation for each person. Derek’s training at NTI elaborated on the science behind how various health conditions such as obesity, insulin resistance, digestive issues, autoimmune disorders and inflammatory conditions such as heart disease, can all be linked to the foods we consume and their effect on our biochemistry. He is passionate about helping people understand not only why nutrition is a foundation of health, but also how to adopt these new behaviors as routine. Derek will give you the tools and resources you need to be set up for success in your journey toward better health and optimum wellness.

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Dr. Patel grew up in India and moved to Denver, Colorado when he was five-years-old. Dr. Patel received his undergraduate degree from University of Colorado Boulder and went to medical school in Israel at the prestigious Technion Israel Institute of Technology.  During his free time, Dr. Patel likes to spend time with his family and to watch his favorite football team The Denver Broncos as well as enjoying the outdoors.  He also likes traveling.  Outside of the Rocky Mountain area, India is his favorite place to go. Dr. Patel specializes in family medicine and also practices out of Colorado Springs.

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