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A Natural and Preventative Approach to Health 

Roots Medical- A preventative health care and wellness clinic

When Roots Medical opened its doors for business in 2014, our primary focus and company goal is "getting to the Root of your health care concerns." We generally take an integrative view of the body and health, treating physical symptoms as signals from a complex, interconnected system rather than as isolated malfunctions.  Through our comprehensive intake process, we identify the source of your health ailment and formulate a plan that gets you back to the quality of life you deserve.  Our philosophy, 'better health is possible'  is something we live by at Roots Medical and together we can achieve that.  At Roots Medical we focus on the 3 spectrums of health; Physical, Emotional and Nutritional. It is our belief that a healthy balance between these three is the key to great and sustainable health.

Our providers hold a distinct advantage over most medical practices in that we do not limit ourselves to just the traditional methods of medicine.  Through the use of nutritional products, lifestyle improvements and diet we can minimize the dependency of prescription drugs .  In cases where we deem it appropriate to prescribe drugs, it is done so with a specific plan to get our patients back to their optimal health level.  

Whether you have felt Overweight, Tired, Cranky, Foggy minded or just desire better health, Roots Medical can help you formulate a plan that starts you on the  path to feeling great again. 


Tracy Wolfe, FNP

Natural Health Care & Preventative Medicine from Centennial, Colorado

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If you have felt overweight, tired, cranky or just don%u2019t feel as good as you used to then Roots Medical is the right place to start.  It is a fact of life that as that we age, hormones in both men and women begin to change and being prepared for those changes is what can make the second half your life a truly healthy and enjoyable experience.  Through our comprehensive blood analysis and experience in hormone management and nutrition we can make this transition a positive one. 
Great health is just a phone call away-Let%u2019s get started today! 

We accept Most United, Cigna, Aetna and Athem Blue Cross plans

If you do not have insurance or have a high deductible plan then take advantage of our self pay option of $135/appointment 

We Gladly Offer Female Annual Exams


3525 S Tamarac Dr #170

Denver, CO 80237

3525 S Tamarac Dr. #170 Denver, CO 80237
Great health is just a phone call away-Let's get started today! Text or call 720-390-5148 or email 

Main line: 720-390-5148 or 303-481-8079 Fax: 720-729-0108

Tracy Wolfe introduces natural and holistic medicine to manage hormones, thyroid, fatigue, weight gain, progesterone, leaky gut, irritable bowel syndrome, ibs, estrogen, testosterone, low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, ed, pms, menopause , insomnia, kalish Hormones, bio identical, and progesterone

 No insurance is not a problem at Roots Medical-Take advantage of our $139 initial visits and $129 follow ups!
Nutritional Consultations $75
Please inquire about insurances we are accepting

Roots Medical focuses on preventative medicine, if this is an emergency please call 911